I buy several brands of organic bacon and recently purchased an 8 oz. package of Applegate Farms hardwood smoked bacon. In my line of work, I mail a lot of packages, so am familiar w/weights. I noticed this package, that had been thawed, seemed a bit light for their advertised 8 oz. on the package. I weighed the package on my scale, and it only weighed 6.9 oz. Quite a ripoff, as far as I’m concerned. I’m letting the manager of the store where I purchased this bacon know and will have him/her weigh it on their scale as well. Have had difficulty reaching the co. by phone, as it rings and rings w/no one answering. Also, checked the website, but couldn’t access it. Googled the webaddress on the back of the package, and it brought up their website, but when I hit the “contact” link, nothing happened. What gives?? Needless to say, since I purchase appx. $700-800 in groceries a month for my family, I like to support cos. who deliver what they say/advertise. In this case, I feel I’m being ripped off, and they probably have figured not too many people are going to take the time to weigh their items and complain. I’m letting everyone I know within earshot while shopping not to purchase this bacon, unless they like paying $$ for a product that doesn’t back up its advertised weight.

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