The absolutely worst customer service ever. Due to an error by the sales team in attempting to confirm 2 requirements of the item I wanted to order I am now responsible for return shipping and have wasted several hours of time trying to resolve this issue. The team transfers you to numbers that simply ring or disconnects when they know you are an upset customer. I have a log of 15 calls to them today over a 2 hour period. I was put on hold and placed in que being caller #1 for over 10 minutes. I picked up my mobile and was able to reach a representative immmediately. Offered to speak with supervisor but simply transferred about an never got connected. The reason given for my being responsible for return shipping is that I ordered it online rather than from the product specialist I spoke with to confirm the details. Great justification for an online company.This really is the worst customer service I have ever encountered.

10101 Foster Ave. Section A Brooklyn, New York USA