Last year I purchased a refrigerator from Appliance Factory Outlet thinking that this company might have improved since a bad experience a number of years earlier. | The earlier bad experience was with a Maytag washer and dryer and purchased Appliance Factory Outlet extended warranty with the deal. When warranty service was required for the Maytag washer, Appliance Factory informed me that they no longer honor that extended warranty program because their underwriter was out of business. That should have been their problem and not mine. | The sign outside the Parker location store states, “We Crush the Competition.” | Inside the showroom a banner stated “Free Delivery.” I couldn’t find any deals with respect with pricing, so the salesman offered a good deal on a blemished refrigerator that had scratches on a side panel. The warehouse was dimly lit so I couldn’t get a really good look at the front which is what you see when it is installed. I was informed that the “free delivery” did not apply to my purchase for whatever the reason and when they delivered the refrigerator, it had visible scratches on the front and made a loud racket. I called to have the frig picked up and ended up paying to have it returned and had a hassle getting credited. They finally did credit my card (less delivery and return delivery) after I called my charge card bank. | I ended up purchasing the same model from for less money and received an undamaged refrigerator. I recomment purchasing appliances from a reputable company such as or .


Name: Appliance Factory & Mattress Kingdom

Country: United States

State: Colorado

City: Thornton

Address: 321 W 84th Ave

Phone: 303-292-4800