Donnie Ketchens Came to our home to repair a dryer. He is the Owner of Appliance Master’s In Plano, Texas.He came to our home , lied about it being a vent problem. He tried to get an additional $181.00 out of us to repair it. He got a fee of $75.00 for just coming out. I told him there was no problem with the vent. Donnie Ketchens thinks he is right, better than God, and if you do not accept everything he says your wrong and an idiot. I did not let him do the repair because I knew he was wrong and I was being scammed. Another man came out three days later and guess what? The 2nd guy assured me that there was NOTHING wrong with the Vent at all, Nothing wrong with the vent! The only thing the dryer needed was a heating element. He told me he did not understand how Mr. Donnie Ketchens came to that conclusion. He fixed my heating element, did NOT touch the vent, and my dryer works perfectly. Donnie Ketchens claims to have 40 plus years experience. Really? Then why did he misdiagose the problem? Lie? I called him and emailed him. He is refusing to refund the $75.00 he took from us. Greedy, dishonest and incompetent. He is either incompetent or just dishonest and makes up additional problems to scam you out of more money. If I were you, I would seek anyone and any company other than Appliance Masters and Donnie Ketchens. There are a lot og Good companies and People that will fix the problem right the first time, with a good attitude and not scam you by making up additional problems and thring to get additional money out of you. Avoid Donnie Ketchens and Appliance Masters!

3941 Legacy Dr. Ste. 204-227A Plano, Texas USA

(214) 280-8966