A couple small valves were ordered to repair my refrigerator on 25 Jan 2015 from this company. I expected the valves to be delivered quickly like many other online merchants do, especially when I am paying for shipping. A week passed and no valves. Contacted them online, talked with Shelby. Shelby said the valves were in their office and would ship on Monday, 2Feb 2015. Shelby said “there was a slight delay in getting the parts””. I asked to cancel the order

Shelby said this was not allowed per their rules. I said I would refuse the order on delivery. Later I checked their site and found no such terms in their stated ToS. Shelby lied. Meanwhile

on 2 Feb

I went to the local Grainger store

bought the valves and repaired my refrigerator. Fedex tracking showed the package picked up at almost midnite on 2 Feb 2015. I contacted Fedex immediately by phone