Bought a washer/dryer combo for $1400. Also paid for white glove delivery and installation. The fellows who delivered said they didn’t know how to install if there weren’t old units already in as they followed how they were installed. They also forgot the materials they needed. They only had a vent, a vent that was for an electric dryer, which was a fire hazard. They werent licensed in gas installation. They didnt install and as to the white glove treatment, they left styrofoam and boxes all over my lawn. They had me sign a receipt for delivery. My mistake was signing at all, because VERY VERY small print said that I signed for installation also. However, they said they would be sure to inform the company to give me a credit. I didn’t get the credit and e-mailed the customer service ticket complaint line and they said they would have to confirm with the delivery company that the installation didn’t take place. A month passed. I contacted customer service who again said it would take time. Finally, AC said that because I signed the receipt it must have been installed, implied I was lieing. GAry, the customer “help”” person was downright abusive. Said they would have the delivery people come back and install after they confirmed not installed. Why would I lie? I would not let that install happen as they didn’t know how and I was not going to risk a gas explosion. It took time to schedule my plumber

but when he installed

he said the dryer was making a god-awful noise and I shouldn’t use it. I called the company who strung me along and then said to call Maytag. That guy came and said the dryer looked used and looked like it had been dropped and it was not reparable. It was now July and I bought the unit in March. I have letters from my plumber

my tenant and Maytag that they did not move or drop the unit. Last contact Gary at AC said that if I had let them install in May that “”maybe”” they would have given me a refund. I have received a refund for the noninstallation

but only after contacting BBB