There are 4 charges on my account from an online, Asian company selling clothing. They company uses at least 2 names and have many complaints on Social media about them (Yaever & 2SBest). I have not received any merchandise from them. After reading the many scam comments about other customers not receiving merchandise, I tried to cancel my orders. I emailed, texted and posted to their Facebook comments section at least a dozen times. NO RESPONSE! | These 4 charges are on my Applied Bank VISA card. I have been trying to reverse these charges for almost a month. I called but was told they could not reverse or review over the phone and I would have to complete their dispute. I would take at least 8 business days to receive the form. I immediately did so and faxed the completed forms to Applied Bank. On June 14, 2018, I called the dispute department to inquire about the status of my reversed charge request. Left a VM for Stevie Siepker, the employee handling my dispute. Her VM message said she would return call within 24 hours. No call back. On June 18, 2018, I receive another form from Stevie requesting the same info that I had previously submitted to her. Again left her a VM. Customer service at Applied Bank tried to contact Stevie Siepker for me but were unable to do so. | I want Applied Bank to reverse the 4 charges that was paid to this fraudulent company as to date no acknowledgement of cancelled orders and no receipt of merchandise. – May 23, 2018 – $39.99 and $1.19 for currency exchange fee’ May 26, 2018 $40.99 and $1.22 for currency exchange fee.


Name: Applied Bank

Country: United States

State: Delaware

City: Wilmington

Address: 800 Delaware Avenue

Phone: 302-326-4200