This auctioneer while appearing to sell quality items sets the starting bids often at RETAIL, as a certified appraiser and jewelry seller I can say this much of the items are often OFF BRANDED and his pricing on estimates are often priced 500% over actual prices, examples include FRESH WATER PEARLS for 1500.00 and bids starting at 200 this same jewelry retails around 180 at most BIG BOX RETAILERS. Do your research before you make your BID and CHECK E-Bay always are MARKET VALUE is set by the flow, I found the same FRESH WATER PEARLS in SILVER which this auctioneer estimated at 1500.00 retail from a importer for only 89.00 SET IN SILVER PLUS postage and I saw this auctioneer (which I reported to Colorado Auction Officials) showing a STARTING BID of 200.00 ! DO YOUR RESEARCH WHEN BIDDING ON THIS COMPANIES AUCTIONS!

36 South 18th Avenue Brighton, Colorado USA

Antiques & Second-hand