As I was still struggling with the death of our son a little over 2 years ago, my husband finally blurts out he’s met someone who makes him”feel good” and he thinks she”might be in love” with him. I’d noticed changes in his behavior but being still quite numb and emotional, I ascribed his oddness to grief and not knowing how to deal with his feelings or mine. || We had been together over 28 years at that point and it never occurred to me that him having an affair would be something I would have to consider. I never checked his phone, contacts, emails. I never questioned whether he was where he said he was going to be. I trusted him, completely and unfailingly. || So, when he drops this bomb in my lap in January of this year, the day after our son’s anniversary of death I was blindsided in the most complete way. I was horrified, frightened and beyond angry. The closest I’ve ever come to feeling the way I did that night was the night I got the call about our son. Just in complete shock and feeling frantic and frozen. || For the next few weeks I tried to get him to talk more about it, to give me an idea of what was going on. He would drop little hints and then back off and take them back. He’d say something one day and then the next claim I misunderstood. I literally felt like I was going insane. || Sometime around the beginning of this month he came home late from pool league; something I usually join him in but had begged off that day. He was as drunk as a skunk and about 7 hours late coming home. || Once he passed out I checked his phone and saw a text that said”let me know when you get home” and one from him saying”I made it, lol”. || I wrote the number down and confronted him first thing in the morning. He claimed to have no idea who the number belonged to or who he would have been talking to. And the truth is, had he not said what he did in January and had he not been acting so odd I probably would have blown it off. But combining everything I was suspecting I didn’t believe a word of it. But I just pretended to blow it off and within a few days had the number traced, the owner named, her work, her address, everything. With the information in hand I confronted him again. And again, he denies. Deny, deny, deny. || So I decide to call her. She answers but claims she has no idea who he is. Then I find her on Facebook and give out my best”look, he’s obviously screwing us both over, so let’s talk, we’re both a victim here” line and the idiot bought it hook line and sinker. Before 2 weeks was out I had about 50 texts back and forth between them starting in July and ending in December with the exception of the last one. || She told me how long they’d seen each other, (aprox. 6 months) and how it ended (verified by texts) and she CLAIMED she thought I’d kicked him out and she didn’t know he was still with me. || Unfortunately for her, she’s not very bright as the texts CLEARLY show she knew he was still with me and simply didn’t care. || After I got the texts I finally had enough to kick him out with a clear conscious and let her know exactly what I thought of her as a human being and woman. Her only response was the typical BS”if you’d given him what he needed at home maybe he wouldn’t have had to go somewhere else”. || Well, excuse me April dear… when YOUR 30 year old child dies in an unexpected and horrific manner you let me know how YOU deal with it. Until then… F**k Off. || Just thought anyone in Crowley ought to be aware of this this person as she has no morals or conscious. || I’ve heard she’s lost a lot of weight since the pic but I don’t think there’s anything that can make her look good except perhaps extensive plastic surgery.