A guy came to the house to sell their pest services. He told me this great story of all of the services they do. He quoted a price of $79 which was $150 off. We did need some pest control. The next day Aptive came out and they did spray. But not everywhere, I watched the young man through the window. He sprayed along the edge of the house. He was supposed to spray the eve’s and wipe all the spider sacs and webs off. That was not done . Then there is the story of granules for the lawn. I found 2 spots that he had thrown out a handful maybe. They were supposed to clean up any dead bugs before leaving that too was not done. I called the company afterwards to tell them that I would not pay anymore for their services and that I would contact the Colorado Attorney General if I was not allowed out of my contract. Instead of letting me speak to customer service they had me call the salesman and then the guy who sprayed. They had no way of resolution. And after fact is this young man came to the door and asked to use my restroom and if I could fill his water bottle. I have never had a service person that has asked to come in . I am alone and disabled. It was very ?cary. They did offer to come back out to redo the yard. I stated no I didn’t think so. I really just want out of the contract and to be done with this fly by night company.


Name: Aptive

Country: United States

State: Arizona

City: Phoenix


Phone: 480-525-2847

Website: www.goaptive.com