On 6.17.15 I called Silver State Airconditioning to service the air units at my rental. They determined that one of my units had a bad board. They cleaned the unit and shut it off as to not cause any furher damage. I called my home buyers warranty company (Choice Home Warranty) who referred me to A&R Complete Service. One week later they finally arrived at the home and did a inspection. They proceeded to contact my home buyers warranty company and tell them that the unit was filthy. the filters were clogged and that the board shorted out because we turned the unit off. When I contacted A&R Appliance to ask why and to show them I had service records from Siver State Air, they hung up on me. Do not use this company, their pockets are lined with money from Choice home Warranty so that Choice can deny claims. Very sad since the repair would have been theirs if they had been truthful.

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