Let me begin by saying I am heartbroken. I took my cat Mimi to Arbor after she had been crying one morning. I explained she is an indoor cat and did not have anything unusual to eat or drink. After about thirty minutes they produced xrays showing nothing abnormal but advised she had a high white blood cell count and gave her an antibiotic stating she had an infection. They sent me home with her advising that if I did not see any improvement I should take her to a hospital they work with. (One should question why you would go to a hospital if you were already at a hospital.) | After about four hours Mimi was dead. I called Arbor to report the death stating that not only did I lose Mimi but also had a bill of $553.00. Dr. Mogyoros said he was sorry and would review the bill. One of his assistants called to say they would reduce the bill by $110.00. That offer was then declined because I had contacted Discover card to dispute the charge. They are more interested in money than they are your pet. | I have contacted the Florida Veterinary Review Board as well as the Better Business Bureau to file my complaint against Arbor. They should also be asked to change their name from “hospital” to “clinic”. A hospital provides 24×7 care, they do not. Mimi would have been ten years old on May 5th — not old for a cat. She is now buried in the backyard and I miss her terribly.


Name: Arbor Pet Hospital

Country: United States

State: Florida

City: Fort Lauderdale

Address: 1220 NE 26th St

Phone: 954-565-1896

Website: www.arborpethospital.com/