Complaint: I worked for ARBY’S for 2 years as a manager and was moving up the ranks. When I notified my general manager that I had become pregnant it began a chain reaction. I had for at least 1 year took care of the ordering of all products, hiring of employees, some payroll, inventory, etc…. Well soon after telling my boss that I was pregnant I lost every single responsibility I had except writing names on time cards. I was very unhappy with this situation but had to stick it out because I had a child coming and needed the insurance to cover the pregnancy. A few months went by and I began to have complications with my pregnancy, I received doctors notes stating I needed to take breaks. Knowing the situation ARBY’S then transfered me to a higher volume store which did 3 times more business, this part is funny, they said I would be able to do less work there. NOT TRUE! The first week there I was hit in the stomache numerous times, it was an accident but I should not have been put in that situation. I believe that all this stress caused me to have so many problems with my pregnancy. I spoke to my doctor about the contractions I was having, she gave me another note stating I needed to take a break every 2 hours for 15 mins. Needless to say I was constantly refused breaks and when I called his supervisor to complain I received no help. The following day I received a phone call from the human resources division, they informed me that I had been brought up on sexual harrasment charges, I WAS 7 MONTHS PREGNANT! I could not believe my ears! I hung up on them and told them they would have to deal with my attorney and walked out! I reported ARBY’S to the EEOC I hope they will help soon it’s been 9 months now and it’s still under investigation. Karen New Milford, Connecticut

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