I hired ARC Painting because I had used them in the past and they seemed straight up. I bought Anthony in to a house I was buying and asked him for a best and worst case estimate. I guess I don’t need to say that after weeks of huge messes, areas that were not painted and areas where they didn’t even remove the old wallpaper as contracted he then demanded “THE WORST CASE SCENARIO’ because it ended up being harder than he thought. On top of all that his crew chief OMAR, incessantly and very annoyingly constantly wasted time bulls*ting with my wife instead of working. After the project was done we paid him and told to get lost and now low and behold 6 months later his CREW CHIEF OMAR is texting and calling my wife at all hours of the night. | DONT HIRE THIS JOKER!!!! IT IS NOT WORTH THE HEADACHE!!!


Name: ARC Painting Florida

Country: United States

State: California

City: Boynton Beach

Address: 3961 Newport Ave

Phone: 561-939-9996

Website: arcpaintingflorida.com/