Complaint: These people are part of a gang stalking, harassment campaign. If you are not familiar with what gang stalking includes and the horrific things the victims go through when being targeted, please research it.False arrest and lies to persecute and torture while in jail under false pretenses. Treated poorly, not allowed a phone call, put in a small concrete cell without any bed, blanket, pillow or a toilet and no toilet paper. Only a hole in the floor to use, while the perverts watched and taunted.I was not allowed to speak to a lawyer. I was deprived of medications that have to be weaned off of and had several convulsions because of this.Martucci is well known for making false arrests and then harassing the person into protecting themselves against his assaults, then charging the person, (almost always female ) with a felony obstruction . The city has already settled in at least one case of false arrest, in April, 2011. The Arcade Police Department has been investigated several times by the State, for illegal speed traps. Their own residents are ashamed!The cops, all four of them, in the department, are liars and will cover their asses when someone attempts to file a complaint.Don’t move anywhere near Jackson County Georgia, people!The song, “The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia””

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Address: is most likely based on this place. The Magistrate judge is a fake

Website: 3325 Athens Highway Arcade, Georgia United States of America

Phone: phoney