Arcticold Refrigeration Ltd. Arcticold Refrigeration Services ltd Sold faulty unit and won’t stand behind product or refund money Renauds Mills New Brunswick!!. Purchased a new cooling unit September 26, 2019 and after installation unit never worked properly . Would not cool refrigeration section of fridge below 48 degrees. Needs to be between 32 to 38 degrees to work properly. After 2 months of operation unit failed completely. Worked with Arcticold service tech and was put through days of testing and result was unit was no good. They advised they would replace under lifetime warranty agreement on the unit. After 10 weeks of trying to get them to send new unit and 28 calls and numerous emails to them with no results they now are not even answering their phones. Promises were made by made by Steve, saying unit would be shipped every second day and many excuses as to why it has not been shipped. The only alteranative I have left now is to take this company to small claims court to recover the $1,700 I have into this disasterous exercise. My recomendation to everyone out there is do not buy anything from this comany and hopefully someone will shut them down to keep from ripping good people off.

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