I went to buy all new furniture for my home and for my living room 8/13/12. The designer came to my home and helped me pick out many items and i gave a deposit for half: $16,000 5 yes Five! Months later…..Most of the items arrived but were ordered incorrectly and after numerous calls, nothing was done. Worst of all, my $10,000 couch stained immediately. I called and called to get a warrenty which i was never offered and paperwork said i should have been. The $3,000 carpet raveled the first month. Then came the incorrect bills, i spent hours making a spread sheet showing what i bought and that I paid it all. I offered them to come to my home to compare inventory.I thought it was resovled. one entire year later, they sent me a bill for $2000! What a nightmare!!!!!!! And how unprofessional. I will spend all the money on my lawyer rather than paying the incorrect bill for all the aggravation they have caused me.

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