ARIANA DREHSLER San Diego fashion w***e — Ariana Drehsler is a psychopath narcissist who STEALS OTHER PHOTOGRAPHERS PHOTOS AND EQUIPMENT. How she managed to creep and leech and mooch her way into the Pittsburg Tribune arena is a mystery – well, not really a mystery – this woman is the master of manipulation and can worm her way into anything. She is desparate to be taken seriously because she is a well know crack w***e and stipper from San Diego. Drug Addicts do and say anything to get what they want. Her d She is a well known user and thief. Her experience is taking millions of pictures of herself and others dressed up in the latest “fashion.”” She is a princess and has used many men who work in the journalism industry to creep her way into Egypt. Watch out for this fraud. No where close to being a journalist

yet as one can see by her public Facebook posts she seems to think so she posts about Syria

Egypt and the missing journalist.

James Foley. She is a dispicable fraud and a fake. She does not even know him well enough to talk about him as such! Using this tradgey to shamelessly try to promote herself—telling James’ friends that he told her not to enter the Gaza tunnels! Laughable! Gaza!! She is a princess and has never even travelled. Who says that?! Well seasoned activists or journalists wouldn’t even say such a thing

nevermind a person who perhaps once met him in passing.”