I received an unsolicited phone call from a person claiming to be a Mr Adam Schaeffer of Arista Capital Ventures based in Nevada. | He “advised”me that his company had been employed to buy out the company Oasis Resorts International,inc. | He was aware that I had, many years previously, purchased shares in Oasis and that my shares were part of the package to be sold. | He asked if I still had all the details to which I replied in the negative as I had long ago assumed that I had been scammed and had destroyed all the documents and accepted my situation. | He made it very clear that all of this would not cost me anything as ALL costs, charges and fees would be paid by the purchaser. I made it very clear to this individual that I was an age pensioner here in Australia and had very limited financial options. He accepted that and reiterated that therre would be no cost to me. | Some official looking forms were then e mailed to me to be completed and e mailed back to enable the shares to be sold on my behalf and the proceeds depositied to my account in Australia. | A “copy” of the share certificate was also sent to me. | I was advised by this “Mr Adam Schaeffer” that all was good and the money would be wired to my account. There was a “small” but not insurmountable hurdle to jump first though -surprise, surprise!! It had been noticed that the shares had been endorsed – Restricted Stock Reg-s144. This was meant that the sale of the shares were restricted, however this restriction could be lifted by going though a Financial Regulatory Board. | I was to contact a “Mrs Axelle Ferrand” of Intercontinental Financial Regulatory Board who would then provide me with details as to how to proceed. | How to proceed was the first bite of the cherry for this bunch of low lives. I had to pay US$6,000.00 to have the restiction lifted. I stood to receive US$105,000.00. After some further discussion and Arista offering to provide a margin loan for part of this amount,I eventually agreed to proceed. I guess greed, avarice, hope of a better life in retirement all kicked in and I agreed to proceed. | Enter the next player in this deceipt. I was to wire the money to Maybank Phillipines, Inc in Greenhills, San Juan, Phillipines. On querying this off shore payment I was clearly told by “Schaeffer” that it had something to do with taxation and keeping it from the IRS. | Yes I was hooked! I paid. It was then confirmed by both “Ferrand” and “Schaeffer” that all was good and the money had been received from me. | Then came the next “hurdle”. (No surprise there I suppose in hindsight, had a good catch just reel it in!). | Aristacv had now been made aware by Continental fbr that attached to my block of shares were two “warrants” each for an additional 12,000 shares. These had to be “sold” in conjunction with the sale of the original 12,000 shares. | Enter “Mr Gavin Pope” purporting to be the COO of Arista cv. I had to find the same amount again as the same Rule 144 applied to the warrants as to the original shares. I mentioned to him that I really had no way to go to get this additional funding. No worries, another margin loan would be arranged in my favour so that all I really need to now fund was a further US$4,800.00. | Pushing the fact that for this further amount I would now receive US$315,000.00 less the marginal loans. | They could not accept payment from my credit card but I could get an advance on my card and then wire the money to Continental. | I did the few checks that I could think of on the net and convinced myself that it all “looked” legit. (No fool like an old fool). | I said that I would continue. Suddenly the US$4,800.00 became US$6,000.00 (sorry about that!). Since this was “only” another US$1,200.00 I would still proceed. | Fortunately my far sighted and very scam aware banker advised me that he helt that I should do a few more checks a*s this looked, to him, like a scam, smelt like a scam and could easily cost me more money. | Convinced I researched the additional avenues that he mentioned to me and realised that I had been scammed | I am now an age pensioner that has gone from being debt free to being in debt by an amount that has now reduced my lifestyle even further. | Please let everyone know not to have any trust in things that are published on the net, as in company details etc. The warning signs were there for me to see if I had not been blinkered by the “wealth” that my lost shares were about to provide me with. | May your website go from strength to strength to help suckers like myself before they get ripped off. Just wish that I had found your site before I landed in this unfortunate situation.


Name: Arista Capital Ventures

Country: United States

State: Pennsylvania

City: Harrisburg

Address: 4201 East Park Circle

Phone: 1-717-230-1310

Website: aristacv.com