On March 27th, 2010 I purchased a deluxe plush classic mattress and a classic collection foundation from Arizona Clearance at 4028 E. Broadway Rd. Suite 603 Phoenix, AZ 85040 for $758.01. This Mattress was delivered to my home, 50 miles away, by pick up truck. This was the first indicator to me that I was not dealing with a legitimate business. I had wondered how there could not be damage done to the mattress slumped over and nearly folded in half inside of a pick up truck. Regardless, I accepted the bed and set it up myself because it was merely dropped off at my door step… and I paid $50 for this delivery! The first night on the bed we knew something was wrong. We could hear and feel loud popping noises coming from the springs. The bed has never stopping making these noises and not only is it completely malformed, but the springs are sticking up out of the foundation into the mattress. Since the purchase I have called several times only to be cut off immediately. The people here don’t care what your issue with the bed is, they give you their address and tell you to send a letter with photocopies of the receipt and the tags on the product to their “warranty department”” and in 2 weeks time an IBC rep will come to your house to inspect the bed. What really happens is you send these letters in repeatedly only to be ignored completely. Nobody ever contacts you and nobody ever comes out to inspect the bed. My husband and I have been sleeping on our sofa and loveseat for almost a year now because this bed has springs popping out of it everywhere

the box springs also have springs popped out and sticking into the bottom of the mattress itself

the shape of the bed has changed completely

instead of being square the sides are bowed out and it is more uncomfortable than the bed we had for 7 years prior to this was! I would never purchase a mattress from here ever again and I plan on going to every place on the internet this place advertises on and telling all!!!”

4028 E. BROADWAY ROAD SUITE 603 PHOENIX, AZ 85040 Internet United States of America