Arizona Mobile Air Inc. Order in stock parts then receive notice out of stock but available their secondary supplier from more money Scottsdale Arizona!!. I ordered 2 AC parts from this company 9/18/15 on their website with instructions that if for some reason both parts were not in stock to cancel the order because of the high shipping cost. Both parts were lsted as in stock items. My credit card was imediatly hit with a pending charge for the entire order. Later that day I recieved a e-mail instead of a phone call from Tim R. Bohringer stateing; I do have both items but from an alternative supplier. Cost would be about $15.00 more. Would you like to me to cancel the order or proceed with the order at an increased cost? I informed them to cancel the order if they will not provide the parts they claimed were in stock at the agreed pice made on line with the credit card agreement. Mr. Bohringer did update my online account to order canceled and sent a e-mail stateing the fact. I have not checked my credit card for the update on the pending charge drop as of this time. I will update that information later if a snag or delay happens. This report is mainly being placed due to the fact the business states they have parts available when they clearly do not but have no shame to tell you they will get it for more money! Bad business and Fraudulent marketing along as prechargeing you without stock in hand.

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