If you know anything about the arizona board of pharmacy, you already know what kind of incompetent, idiotic jerks they are, especially since their new director pharmacist kamlesh gandhi, pharmd took over. Board members haven’t worked in a pharmacy in decades, yet they sit on their mighty thrones and pass outrageous fines for the smallest infractions. | • have a bottle of otc tylenol that expired one week ago? $1,000 fine!! | • couple of days late on your ce? $4,000 fine!! | • off by a couple of tablet on your inventory? $10,000 fine!! | • forget to kiss the board’s azz on a daily basis? $20,000 fine!! | Forget to put a “kamlesh red cap” on a c2? $100,000 fine!! they use pharmacists and techs hard-earned $$$$$ money to fund their salaries, bonuses and party/holiday budgets. | They certainly seem to be having a great time doing it too. They joke around at their hearings while imagining the toils that retail pharmacy staff suffer on a daily basis. They smile and laugh during their hearings as they pass off these huge fines. Its not enough that pharmacists and techs get abused by | 1) drug addicts, | 2)corporate offices, | 3) store managers, | 4) foreign-born, illeterate half-witted mid-level prescribers who know zero about pharmacology and | 5) crooked insurance companies…… .…now we also have to put up with the arizona board of pharmacy a**holes on a power trip too. Hey a**shole bureaucrats: why dont you support : | • …not having our profession getting fu*ked by the pbm’s with neg reimbursement rates? | • …pharmacies with shitty working conditions?? | • … or filling a 3 month “vacation” Ahem) supply for acchs / state welfare patients so they can “visit their home country” while us working folk pay for their state-funded “free” pharmacy benefits??? Acchs patients get 3-month “vacations???” i only get two weeks, and i pay their welfare benefits!! | • …or mandating e-rx prescriptions event though it has been proven to have more medication errors than handwritten prescriptions and prescribers cant reliably be trusted to use it??? | • working to prevent cancer-causing chinese valsartan getting to the constituents who fund your bloated slalries? And for the cherry on the icing on the cake: for 2019 the board of pharmacy posted this little gem…… | Are you ready for mandatory electronic prescribing of schedule ii opioids??” | Executive duochbeag pharmacist kam gandhi, pharmd pharmacist kamlesh gandhi, pharmd address 21819 n 37th terrace phoenix, az 85050 [email protected] (602) 771-2740 Rich a**hole with a million $$ house!! probably hasn’t worked in a pharmacy in decades!!) | President: pharmacist michael blaire, rph address 10921 n 140th wy scottsdale, az 85259 Beautiful home!) | Vice duochbeag pos pharmacist dennis mcallister, rph address 105 w harmont dr phoenix, az 85021 | Pharmacist kevin dang, pharmd address 23417 n 64th ave glendale, az 85310 Huge million dollar home!) rich a**hole! | Pharmacist elizabeth dodge, pharmd address deputy dlpslht 14816 w escondido ct litchfield park, az 85340 [email protected] (602) 771-2735 Very large, really fancy brand-new home!!) | Pharmacist steve haiber, rph compliance officer address 14659 s 25th st phoenix, az 85048 [email protected] (623) 217-3332 | Pharmacist karol hess, pharmd compliance officer address 10063 e tamery ave mesa, az 85212 [email protected] (623) 518-0337 | Pharmacist rob dobrowski information technologist address 1901 e turney ave phoenix, az 85016 [email protected] (602) 771-2731 | Evelyn irvine technician licensing adminstrator address 7132 w cameron dr peoria, az 85345 [email protected] (602) 771-2746 | Pharmacist sandy sutcliffe, rph jd compliance c address 8831 e cortez st scottsdale, az 85260 [email protected] (623) 518-0336 | Pharmacist jeanne galvin jd address 3292 bluebird pl chandler, az 85286 | Pharmacist melanie thayer, cpht otc Over the counter) drug inspector address 146 w oxford ln gilbert, az 85233 [email protected] (623) 518-0335 | Pharmacist krystal garcia cspmp data entry clerk address 10121 w el cortez pl peoria, az 85383 [email protected] (602) 542-271 | Pharmacist joeseph leyba, pharmd address 39627 n graham wy phoenix, az 85086 | Pharmacist kyra locnikar address 16044 e star gaze tr fountain hills, az 85268 | Pharmacist mohammad salari, rph address 28737 n 112th pl scottsdale, az 85262 | Pharmacist kristen snair, cpht address 5228 w sandra ter glendale, az 85306


Name: Arizona State Board of Pharmacy

Country: United States

State: Arizona

City: Phoenix

Address: 1616 W. Adams St., Suite 120

Phone: (602) 771-2727

Website: pharmacy.az.gov/