Arizona Tenants Advocates has a slick website but nothing more. Once you visit the run down rent house ATA calls its headquarters, you realize ATA is almost laughable! ATA’s office is incredible. Just wait until you see this dump. It is a SHITHOLE (there is just no other way to say it!). It is so dirty i was afraid to sit down. You can hardly move around because there is old junk stacked everywhere, dirty dishes, big stacks of papers, …all crap that he is too lazy to throw out or clean. The manis obviously a “hoarder” and never throws away anything. Kenneth Volk is the owner. The guy is unbelievable. He looks like a homeless person! I had an appointment and i was on time. He made me wait 10-15 minutes and listen to him talk to a customer abouy her problems with her landlord. I was embarrassed for the woman – (I did not want to hear about her emotional problems) Then he went to one of his backrooms and did. something for a few minutes (??). Then I had to sit on his FOUL SLIMY couch and talk to him. He acts like he is the big expert about leases. He is not a lawyer (I asked) but he pretty much pretends like he is a lawyer. Thats when i really got nervous about him. He wanted me to pay him almost $1000 so he could get me out of my lease! Is this guy nuts??? I walked out. I went to a lawyer and paid the lawyer $500.

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