Arizona Tire and Automotive Center Hiller Enterprises, LLC Performance parts removed from vehicle during service and replaced with below standard equipment. Peoria Arizona!!. I took my Toyota 4X4 into the shop for a front wheel alignment and oil change. When I took it in there was a factory 4X4 TRD skid plate under the truck. I had recently compared it with a friends truck. When I got the truck back it seemed to have a new rattle under the truck, but it was several weeks before I crawled under the truck to see what it was and what I found was that my factory skid plate had been removed and replaced with a much cheaper standard skid plate. I am unable to pursue justice in the courts because I can’t prove that when they took it off that they stole my original parts, since I didn’t look under the truck for several weeks.They contend that it must have been stolen after I left. I have never heard of a thief stealing parts off of a vehicle then replacing them with inferior parts. I can quite easily envision a shop putting the inferior parts on a vehicle being serviced to give the appearance that all was well. Their shop is designed so that from the waiting room you can’t see what is being done to your vehicle. It is set up just the way that a person would want a chop shop to be.

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