On 3/5/12 (Ark Foundation) Sales-Rep (Trace Shelley)came out to give an estimate on waterproofing the South Wall of our Basement Floor. On 3/9/12 I gave Mr. Shelley a check for $1,000 down payment. On 3/12/12 contractor came out to do waterproofing. Just before the were nfinished, my kitchen sink had water come back-up. I let Mr.Brown know and I said then they have done something wrong with the waterproofing. Mr. Brown was sure they had not and said it just a pluming problem. On 3/9/12 I gave Contractor “Kiko a balance payment $485(paid in full) So this water back up continue. On 5/10/12 we left for vacation

return 5/15/12 are basement had flooded

the water was not dirty very clear and a very bad odor in basement.On 5/16/12 “”Plumbing Professors”” came out

he ask if any work had been don

yes we had this side waterproofed. Plumber said you need to have them back out