So, the company has been informed by tracking company that it is impossible to deliver to the private property…LOL. They shipped the product to the residential address with commercial service and finally found out it is not possible to deliver. And for this lack of knowledge and professionalism the are going to charge the customer. What a great service . | In addition they said : “We understand that this is a very unfortunate situation but we must stay consistent with our return policy” | So, they trying to solve this issue as a returning goods while it is not delivered. | And forced me to confirm delivery on the street , blocking the access to my house. | No will to resolve the issue, just pushing and threats. | This company is a big joke and potential customers should be aware that this is a source of troubles only.


Name: Arlington Power Equipment

Country: United States

State: Illinois

City: Palatine

Address: 20175 N Rand Rd

Phone: 1 847-241-1530