Armand’s auto clinic Jean Guy’s Automotive Complete waste of my time and effort, and utter lack of respect Sudbury, Ontario!!. I’m going to keep this as short as possible because I have never gone this far in my life before with any complaint, id like the reader to keep in mind, the staff at auto clinic minus jean guy are all excellent workers, ive had no issue with them, just the disrespectful loud mouth running the show. my friend was driving his car and destroyed the oil pan on it rendering it unfit to drive until it was replaced, this shop is right up the street from us so we were willing to push the vehicle to the shop to have him replace the oil pan which is not a hard job by any means, at first it was relieving because he gave us a day and we were set, we would even have a few people to help us from his shop.At the same time I bought a Saturn that I was working on in my yard, two fenders were missing and it needed new tires, well this jerk doesn’t know

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Armand’s auto clinic