RGA Reportage ArmaninSame as all the other reports except this Italian Guy has now come over to the UK ! nHe stopped me on the street last week – driving a people carrier in a residential area called Bradley Stoke near Bristol – He asked if I could speak Italian – I said no – so he spoke in broken English. He said he had just done a Sales promotion of Armani clothing and was on his way back to the airport. – He showed me his ID (which looked like him ) and said that he was left with a few items and he would have to pay tax on them if he took them back through the customs. He gave me 3 items – a brown mens suade jacket, A ladies Suade jacket and a Black leather bommer jacket – all for free – I couldn’t believe my luck.. Then the crunch ! the last item – a full sized black leather jacket and all I had to do was pay half price for this and I could have all four. He showed me the latest Armani Cataloge and the whole lot was worth 1600 !! I said sorry 50 is all I will pay. – He then talked me into 100 and took me to a cash point to get the money- on the way he up’t the price to 110. nI feel ripped off after discovering this site to know that they are fake. I’m usually very sceptible of this type of thing – but the clothing seemed such good quality…. Until I got it home… They had a certain oudor – My wife said they’de been smoke damaged – So I left all the cloths out on the line for a week – the Suade jackets are now OK. I treated the leather jackets with leather cleaner and they are now better. I can use 2 of the jackets myself and give one away. I was going to sell the other one on ebay – but now I’ve found this site – don’t want to risk my feedback in case they are fake… OK they’re fake and I’ve been conned ! But they are still nice jackets for he price I paid. BEWARE of an Italian bloke speaking broken English !! nPhilipnGloucesterUnited Kingdom

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