On June 26, 2004, I purchased a computer on the 90 Day Same as Cash program. They stated they had to deliver it and wouldn’t be able to do so until Tuesday, June 29. The computer worked 2 or 3 days and quit. I called Aaron’s and they said to call Dell (the computer manufacturer). Dell went through a series of tests and determined that it was the hard drive. They said they’d send a new hard drive for X amount of dollars. I told them it was rented from Aaron’s only a couple of days ago. nI called Aaron’s. They would deliver a new computer on Saturday. Come Saturday, the man shows up and tinkers around for 2-3 hours. Finally he opens up the computer and some of the hardware is missing!!! He leaves saying he will be RIGHT BACK. I wait and wait, missing my nephew’s wedding reception, and the guy never came back or call. I called Aaron’s at 4:45PM and asked them when he was coming back. They said he’d had other deliveries to make and wouldn’t be back that day at all! I was really p*ssed especially since I missed the reception because I figured the guy would be right back and I’d said I’d be there. nThe following Monday they were back with yet another computer. They had said on Saturday I would be their first call. I called the store several times and basically got the run around. Finally around 3:30-4:00PM they arrived. That 3rd computer seems to be okay. nBecause of all the trouble I was promised two (2) weeks FREE rental. Naturally, I never got it. I was ready to pay off the computer and called them Oct 1. They said it would be alright to come in on Monday, Oct 4 and pay. When I got there on Monday, I was told the payoff was $627 instead of $343!!! That I had missed my 90th day by not being there Friday!!!!! If they had told me I need to be there Friday to get the lower price, I would have gone, but they said it was okay to wait until Monday, NO PROBLEM!!!!!! nI think they are very poor businessmen. You can’t rely on them or anything they tell you. The go back on their word many times. nKarynSpokane, WashingtonU.S.A.

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