Paying new car price for pre-owned car


My Complaint: 4-8 went to arrowhead Honda to buy 2013 Honda accord told the color I wanted so we started talking price on car of different color getting late pm rain and dust storm salesperson comes and says they found yhe car I wanted in color I wanted dust and rain late I said I return in am said the may not be here cannot hold for me.I said I would write a check for 500 dolar deposit said he could not do that the deal had to be done today I made the deal car was brought around in dust&rain it had 372 miles and 90%oil life was told car came from another dealership they could not say name or location of dealer the car had no window sticker showing price etc the sticker can not be remove until car is sold was told had no sticker may have been lost next day I came back to be shown how everything worked one salesman picked op phone to activate xm radio it was done in seconds no name or vin # given this was not right I called xm radio next day gave car vin # asked when my 3 month trial period would end was told june 24 asked when it was activated and by whom was told march 24 by lorry when I took this information to Mr Zorn manger he said car had been sold to this person lorry she got sick and brought car back he said he took car back from goodness of hi heart I asked mr Zorn if dealership do pre delevary inspection on new vechiles he said no however in glove compartment I found record of pre inspection on 27 feb on car I was sold as new the car was inspected on 27 feb radio activated on 24 mar close to 30 days manager said 1 week it took 13 days to get my title why was this vehicle not titled


My Demand: money back take car back33