I want to start off with a positive note. I have never had a problem with a tech being very friendly and qualified to help me understand what my plumbing problems were. However, they are never on time, way over price and try to make improvements/repairs when they are not needed. nWe first had ARS out to our home when one of our water heaters started leaking. They replaced it and finished the job with a bill ( $980.00) that was acceptable at the time. The technician recommended that we purchase the one year service contract ($268.00). We took his advise and purchased the agreement. They came out a week later to for the first service. I questioned why they would come out to service a water heater they just put in. I was told they were here to service the other units. This service cost another $140.00 because they had to replace a contact on a lower unit (per what is on my bill). They came out again for the service agreement 6 months later. After the tech. was finished he handed me a quote for $1,600.00 for repairs that he recommend. I told him no way. One month later our upstairs water heater went out. I called ARS and by my surprise they wanted ($1700.00) to replace the unit. REALLY!!!!!! I was livid. They replaced a larger water heater in the garage 7 months ago for ($980.00). Now for a smaller unit they want an additional $700.00 to take it up stairs. nI called ARS to ask why and they said if that is what the tech quoted you then that is what it is. They would not answer me why it cost $700.00 to take it up stairs. nWe had another company come out and replace the water heater. They charged $350.00 for the unit and $300.00 to install it. They also recommended to NEVER purchase the service agreements because it is just a way for the company to get out to your house and convince you that they have to do repairs. I will never recommend ARS to anyone!

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