Rip off alert… AHs sent these people out to my home to clear the bathroom line and kitchen sink line , which are all connected . The first time they came out the supposed line clearing lasted til that night , then s**t come bubbling up thru the bathtub and shower.. gross huh. I called them out again thru american home shield and they relcleared the bathroom line and neglected to clear the kitchen line stating that i needed a camera down my drain to fix the problem, thats where the problem started, the guy with the camera came out about three days later wanted another 75 dollars to clear the kitchen line i called ahs they said there was no charge, I asked him to clear the kitchen sink he tried to charge me 275 dollars for that then he ran the camera down my clean out and said it would be 11000 yes ELEVEN THOUSAND DOLLARS. TO FIX THE PROBLEM, GO F*** YOUR SELF .. I just want the kitchen line cleared i called american home shield back up in the mean time the guy goes out side when im on the phone and burns off .. REALLY DUDE?? I got home from work and cleared the kitchen line myself with a two dollar plunger and ten minutes. Havent had a problem since.. They are currently on my no service request thru American Home shield and im reporting them to the BBB and of course on here.. RIP OFF RIP OFFF RIP OFFFF RIP OFFFF.

7436 tower street richland hills, Texas United States of America