I recently purchased a print from art.com. In spite of paying an exorbitant price for the prints, all I got was garbage. I have come to the conclusion that art.com has no regard for its invaluable clients. The packaging that the painting came in was grimy on the outside. It was also torn and looked like they had covered it just for the sake of it. Well, as we opened the shipment from art.com, the inner layer of packaging was also damaged exposing the artwork inside. There were few scratch marks in the rear. Despite selling such an expensive piece, there was no attention paid to making sure their customer received it in good condition. The prints in itself was a letdown. You would expect exceptional, high quality work for the price youu2019re paying, but that was not the case. A big thumbs down to the website art.com. When I tried to return the prints to art.com, I even canu2019t find an address on their website, donu2019t buy from the fraud!

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