I ordered two paits of skechers fiji and after I had added them to the box and paid for them an email popped up to say that the cost may be more due to the exchange rate | I had no idea that these items were not being delivred from the UK. | I waited ages and got worried so I emailed the company usin their online contact us form, they replied saying be patient and that they were on the way and that they were genioune skechers | Items arrived this week, nothing like a skechers, not even a copy if them, they are cheap platic shoes with chais on them worth av=bout £2.99, they cost me £44 each | I need you to investigate the company t oavoid others being ripped off please | Adrress for return on packet is Wang Gang, 001, No16,253 Lane, Hang Dong Road, Shanghai MinHangQu, Shanghaishi, Shanghai, 201105


Name: Artdufromage.co.uk

Country: United States

State: Alabama



Phone: 021-5437660

Website: www.artdufromage.co.uk/