Complaint: Mr. Arthur Mandel is a real piece of work. Arthur coursed me into a deal to sublet space at an up coming event thru his company for one week. A small ground floor space in the Fashion District in NYC. He conned me into sending him a deposit before i got to town to see the place. Because of his website I thought ran a legit company. When i got to the boutique address he left me by voicemail. Arthur Mandel failed to meet me at the building location. Arthur never return my calls, text messages or emails and completely destroyed my business event trip. Since i couldnt prove that i made deposit to him at the time, the cops couldn’t do anything. Their was no paper trail because he conned me into sending a 4000 cashiers check. Arthur Mandel is a fraudster half a** desperate con artist! Then two months later. I get a call from Arthur Mandel saying he was going to send me the money and that he was going through a divorce and was wondering if he could stay at my house. I told him to pay me back and then we could chat. I never heard from Mr. Mandel again. It’s been over 7 months from that random blocked call. I am writing this because I don’t want this to happen to someone else in the future.

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