After much research I thought I had found the perfect furniture company from which to buy a sectional sofa. They said their products were 40% off — I later found out this was FALSE; the manager of the company told me the “before sale price” is actually an estimate of what their product could possibly cost if it were sold in a department store. The second lie came with their “30-day money back guarantee.” Turns out this is false as well. I tried to return the sofa after having had it for a few days. When I attempted to discuss any of this with the company, they were rude and dismissive. No one at the company (and I spoke with several different representatives) told me the same thing. Every time I called I was given a different set of instuctions on how to care for the sofa. All in all, I wasted close to $2,500 on a terrible product — my house still smells like a chemical waste dump from it — and even worse customer service. When I told them I was going to write a report online they accused me of trying to ruin their business. I replied by telling them that my only intention was to save another innocent customer from the worst online purchase experience of my life.


Name: Article

Country: Canada


City: Vancouver, British Columbia

Address: 520 Alexander Street

Phone: 1.888.746.3455