Complaint: Art’s Pub is a bar and restaurant that has an Ohio Lottery Terminal. No one seems to be trained to use the equipment, and they have no idea what to execute even the simplest transaction. Even when I hand them prefilled betting slips, I’m still expected to walk them through the transaction before I hand over my money. This evening, I had a barmaid who I had to wair 5 minutes for, throw a winning ticket back at me and snap, “I don’t know how to do [cash] this! You’ll have to take it someowhere else!””

Tags: Restaurants

Address: then ask me a million questions as she was inserting my betting slips into the terminal. When I snapped back

Website: 440 734 6919

Phone: she said “”Why do you have to talk to me like that?!”” and told me to take it somewhere else. I filed a complaint with The Ohio Lottery Commission and am calling the owners tomorrow.”