Complaint: I placed a profile on an adult dating site, looking for extramarrital activity. The virtual ink was not yet dry when I received an email address with an invite to chat. I contacted the young lady, asking to confirm that she was the one who invited me. I also requested a photo. The woman repsonded quickly and we seemed to hit it off right away. I thought she wsa very beautiful so was excited that she wanted to get to know me. After a very short time, a day or two, she asked if I wanted to meet her, she was staying in a nearby town, sequestered in a hotel. The comversations turned sexual almost immediately. I was very excited by this prospect as she was a “Model”” for Maxim. She told me

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Address: before we could meet

Website: I anxiously awaited the confirmation of the passkey to get through the security at the hotel. She told me at this time that there would normally be a $350 booking deposit

Phone: she needed me to verify my name and age by signing up for trial memberships to two adult websites. I did so