Asanka Cars-Sarasota, FL Asanka Cars, defective cars, deceptive practices Sarasota Florida!!. We bought an 05 Jaguar months ago from Asanka. We took the car home and immediately knew there was an issue we couldn’t detect on the initial test drive. We got on the interstate and it shook so bad my teeth rattled. It also used all of the coolant on the trip home. We brought it back for the repairs which included ME paying for the tires. Drove it back home and it still used coolant and the shake was still there, Back it went. They put us in a loaner car, A BMW X5 with 4 bald tires and NO wipers or AC. They call us to get the car a few weeks later. We get it and drive it home in a severe rain. The next morning I come out to find all of the clear coat peeling off, Back it goes. Now in another loaner, an 08 Caddy CTS with a nasty misfire. I get a call from the mechanic saying the car is just about done but he is wet sanding some overspray from the door! Huh? There was no overspray on the doors. They dropped the car off when I wasn’t home. I get home to find blue painters tape all over the car and SILVER overspray on my black car from one end to the other, PLUS a nice big circle where the mechanic was sanding on the door. BACK IT GOES AGAIN!! They now offer to take the car back. They just happen to have another 2005 black Jaguar XJR on the lot so we take that for a few days. We happen to like this one and make a deal on it. So fast forward over a month later from the deal on the SECOND car. The temp tag is expired and they screwed up registering the second car so now it cant legally be driven. They blamed it on the company they used for titling. No, Sorry, I spoke to them myself and fixed your screw up….I think…Then there is the fact they STILL have not done the paperwork to cancel the first deal and the bank is calling us to pay for that one too. They are refusing to come up with copies of the pay off check. Its always they guy you need to talk to isn’t in until next week or they aren’t in today. Stay away and do not trust a d***** thing they say.

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