3G Technical Services is the name of the Account that Sean Asberry has victims wire transfer funds to into a BofA account, the BofA Branch in Smyrna, TN, and he is known to the employees of that branch. We suspect after this report hits the Internet, he will likely switch branches. | AsberryFinancial.com is the Front Website used to offer a variety of financial services from Credit Repair to “Funding” and other financial services products. | Mr. Asberry’s M.O. is to state that he is “Refunding” your money, but if you search various sites, you will NOTICE that he has NEVER ACTUALLY provided a refund. His M.O. is also to “blame the victim”. On those few occurences when he bothers to reply to reports, you will note that he seems like he wants to refund people, but we have eMailed those people, called them, and had them sign affidavits that he has NEVER provided a refund. That is all talk and show. He will reply that you misunderstood, or

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Asberry Financial Services