On Novemeber 13 2015 I sent payment in full in the amount of $200 via bank deposit to Asberry Financial to assist me with my credit. They recieved the payment but never delivered, despite numerous attempts to contact via e-mail, phone message, and certified snail mail. After about a month I threatened to report them to the relevant authorities as a fraudulent business. Their representative then contacted me and confirmed reciept of the payment, with the excuse that it’s near christmas so they were too busy to get back to me, and that I had made an error on my application which caused my application to be deleted. He apologized and promised to remit a refund in full via certified check. It has been another month and a half and again despite numerous phone calls and e-mails I have not recieved a response. No one is ever available to answer a phone call no matter what time of the day you call. This company is a total fraud.


Name: Asberry Financial Services

Country: United States

State: Tennessee

City: Nashville

Address: 2400 Crestmoor Rd

Phone: 1.800.691.3499

Website: www.asberryfinancial.com/