Please save your money and buy somewhere else. Here’s how ascendtech makes their money:Ascendtech ships broken/used hardware to customer.Customer spends days trying to figure out if the equipment works or not.Fed up, customer sends it back to Ascendtech which charges a 20% restocking fee and customer pays shipping costs.Customer is out 20%+ of purchase and days of frustration. Have a nice day and thanks for shopping with Ascendtech!!! I see that tons of others have had the same experience as I did. Rest assured I’m about to report much more than this post (BBB, etc). Hopefully I will save at least one customer from giving “Steve”” their hard-earned cash. I wish I had read reports on this site before making the purchase. nBy the way

Steve will personally slam you and tell you you are wrong. He’ll even search information about you using your email address. Yes

he did that to me. Nice

huh? I feel so secure knowing that my information is in the hands of a criminal.”

4772 East 355th St Willoughby, Ohio United States of America