We are a group of Americans that own a small development en Torreon. We needed an Attorney to solve some tax problem. | PEDRO PABLO GAMEZ HERRERA who introduced himself as an Attorney with a lot of connections in the Government in Mexico City including allegations of being close to the to the Secretary of Hacienda trought his sister in law Georgina Estrada Aquirre and having the ability to solve all of our problems quickly. He told us that he needed to be paid in full ahead of time. We were concerned, but as we tried to solve our problems for a long time we gave him a deposit of 12.000.00 USD that he said would be deposited in a client Trust account. Months were passing by and after a several lies and excuses over the phone calls, one day we walked in his office found him under clear effects of narcoticos and alcohol. | He started to yell at us in a very nasty manner, finally after his secretary calmed him down, he said that in two weeks he was going to solve the job. After several more months of calls and visits to his office we gave up and hired another lawyer that in 3 weeks did a wonderful job and he charged us only 3,250$ | We suggest you avoid the services of PEDRO PABLO GAMEZ HERRERA and his firm he will steal your money and your time.


Name: Asesores Legales Laguna

Country: Mexico


City: PEDRO Torreon


Phone: 872-114-8592

Website: www.asesoreslegaleslaguna.com/