My husband and I have been together since high school. We have two beautiful children. Although he is not blameless, this hussy is a malignant narcissist that continued to harass and pursue my husband even after he put an end to it. She is a predatory, evil whore.I found out about the affair when I was contacted in January by her husband, who seems like a very nice man. He told me that she had cheated before, and that this would be the last time because he had made the choice to leave her. They have a child together, so the tramp even wrecked her own home.They met at work,(Removed), oddly, a store that is notorious for their Christian values. They had sex in my car on multiple occasions, and he brought her into our home. My husband would even take my younger child to meet up with her. I contacted her directly several times telling her to leave my husband alone, but of course, she didn’t care about me, my feelings, my marriage, or even her own marriage. She didn’t even have the balls to respond, she would just block me. What kind of person continues to destroy someone else’s marriage after being contacted by the wife of the person their cheating with? She’s lucky I’m not a violent person! || I am trying to salvage my marriage after all the damage that this hoe has caused. I am heartbroken. What hurts the most is that my 12 year old daughter found out, and is traumatized. She will never view her father the same way.