I have been with my boyfriend for 8 years. This girl recently started texting him. He has her saved under “River” which now I know is because that’s where she hangs out and preys on men. She gave him some sob story that she just lost her nursing job and her and her daughter were going to lose the house her dead brother left them. My husband, as LIVID as I am, was trying to help and gave her $600. She said she’s has a side job and would pay him back. Well she’s been texting him ever since. Sexual. Sending photos of herself laying in bed. Pictures of her practically naked with ribbon tattoos just about on her rear end. Telling him she is in an abusive relationship and can’t get out. That he’s cut her with knives (sent him pictures of the scars) that he broke her hand (again a photo of her in a cast) that she’s scared to leave him. Ok, sorry that you’re clearly stuck, but my husband is married and I know he told You that because I read the text. Telling him that you can treat him better and that you will make him the center of your universe and give him your soul, etc. begging him to be with you.. until you finally got what you wanted! He slept with you in OUR Tahoe!! You are filth! We have decided after blocking her from every possible road, we are going to get counseling and not let her ruin our marriage. He’s not going to save you! Any women who have husbands or boyfriends in the Akron to Cleveland area, beware. She’s good. She’s a con artist that uses her vagina to get what she wants! I also found her on a couple dating sites. Beware!!!!