I perchased a living room set. Sofa, and chair. Dinning table and 4 chairs. I was very excited to be able to purchase said items. I also purchased the warranty in case anything went wrong with my furniture.Felt even better for the extra coverage. I was told if I didn’t use my warranty the price would be refunded to me. It was almost time for the warranty to be returned so when my sofa needed repaired I thought I would just wait and when the warranty was returned I would just purchase a new set. Lets go back to delivery. That was a nightmare. They came to my house and set everything up. Well first they put a hole in my wall by pushing so hard on the door to get table and chairs in the door knob went thru the wall. Then they broke one of the chairs and stripped the screws that hold the leg on the table. The gentleman told me it would be fine. I was being too picky. I called the store and the lady said they would order a new chair frame and a new table top. Which I thought all stores did that when items were damaged. The had the chair frame sent to my house. I called them when it came in. They told me it wasn’t hard to change out and thought I could take care of it. Then the table top came in so they came out to replace the top. Well that didn’t go so well because the stripped the screw hole again. The driver said there was nothing they could do. I called the store once again. The lady said she would have someone to call me back. I waited about a week and no one called. I called the lady back and she told me the delivery driver said I was being to picky. I ask if someone could come out and look for a second opion. Well you guessed it they sent the same delivery driver out. At that point I felt I was getting no where. I got busy and sort of let it go. Now back to the warranty ending. I called the store to see exactyly when the warranty would be mailed due to the fact I had moved. I almost blew my top when the lady said ” Oh I see you used the warranty when we had to order the table top.”” I have always had items delivered and when things were wrong the company took care of them. No charge to me. I will never purchase another item from this company again. Yes I still have my table with a stirred screw. Good luck if you choose to make purchases from them. Thank you for reading my story.”

7780 State Hwy 121 Frisco, Texas USA


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