I purchased A Entertainment couch/chair ottoman and kitchen set from Ashley Superstations location apprx 12 /16/10 the price almost $5000.00 .The sales person sold this as a (2) per person seat. I received the wrong shipment on 02/15/10 and the Kitchen table was cockeyed and some small blemishes The order took another 4 weeks. Approximately Mid April while my partner and I were sitting in the couch we reclined back and it broke. I called Ashley for an appt 4 weeks later a repair tech came to look at the couch. The tech comes to my house, but the tech does not finish the job, He said that there was a 275lb weight limit and that is why the frame was broke and he sees this all the time and said the part would arrive in about 3-4 weeks and I would have to make another appt to have this fixed. I contacted both the store manager and general manager at this location I informed them that the 275lb weight limit was not disclosed to me and is not in the contract. I asked them if I could exchange this for something else they said no and are refusing to replace the furniture with a comparable product. I am paying for furniture that is broken and would like to exchange this for something that can accommodate my needs.

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