Ashley Lauren Micallef comes from Milford, Michigan and started as a campus recruit from Michigan State University at a business in Grand Rapids, Michigan as a Delivery Supervisor working closely with my husband. I was fooled and told that she was a poor fit for the job and that made him unhappy, that they chose her to work with him. They started bonding over long work hours, frequently shared meals and outings together, and use of Snapchat at work sharing inappropriate pictures. She broke up with her boyfriend and it was rough so he was comforting to her. I was in no way aware that my husband of 18 years and father of my children was having an affair… || The affair with Ashley L. Micallef came to light when he was on a hunting trip with our son and our phone service alerted me of unusually high usage. When confronted with it he lied. He did not know I was able to see everything. They continued their affair while working together- excessive drinking, attending public events together, and sleeping at her plaza tower apt most nights, going to bars and casinos seems to be their thing. She majors in marketing and psychology which she uses to manipulate her prey. || She isn’t very smart, just manipulative, and very lazy, playing off of others hard work, but what can you expect she slept with a married man- enough said right. She is 10 years younger than my husband, not sure if she has issues, she seems a little sociopathic. It sickens me everyday to think about how her horrible decisions affected my children and our lives. Where ever she goes and what ever she does, I hope she knows that Karma is awful and she will never do anything good enough in this world to spin that bad juju around. || When he decided it was over she wouldn’t let go, she called and texted when he was home with his kids, but it quickly backfired as he seen the type of person she really was. She then tried to make him jealous and immediately ran to sleep with the next couple of guys in line, as if she were moving on, but it only gained her the title of Trashly Ashley at work, and a major loss of respect from employees. I know the choice was not yours alone but you were single and he was already taken, you do not pursue a married man. I thought your mother would have taught you better. If you want to find her she is on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, SnapChat, Klout, pinsta, Twitter, Google +, and many others and now she can add adulteress, mistress, and Homewrecker to her accolades! Congratulations Ashley you worked so hard to earn your ungodly honor.