Jesse Shields was a married father of 2, soon to be 3 when he started working at the bar full-time. This is where he met Ashley Rain Guild. Ashley was a 22 year old at this time to Jesse’s 31. No kids on her end and Jesse found this attractive. He starts to “work” more and more at the bar leaving his pregnant wife and child home alone never helping or doing anything. He wouldn’t come home until sometimes 4 a.m. (bar closed at 1:30). When he did come home this late a lot of the times he was driven home either by Ashley or another girl he worked with. Fast forward to when Jesse’s 2nd son was born (he has a son from his first marriage that he barely speaks to) and Jesse could care less. He almost didn’t show up for the birth because he wanted to be at the bar to be closer to her. Ashley knew Jesse had a wife and kids but she did not care. Ashley ended up getting pregnant -supposedly by her boyfriend at the time but was spending a lot of time with Jesse at this point so his wife is 99% sure this baby is his as well. Jesse had numerous other girls on the side that his wife found out about while she was pregnant and they were still married. However he has shown that he could care less about supporting his children so she WILL get what is coming to her. Ashley, you deserve this because no self-respecting woman should ever be with a married man. Based off your pictures you two belong with each other because you are both white trash. His now ex-wife and 2 kids are better off without a drunk lazy father/husband so now you get to deal with it! Good riddance!