Complaint: Ashley Villas is a quiet, normal community until you disagree or go against the HOA President and her followers. This association constantly harass homeowners who have not paid their HOA fees though the HOA has not been proven in court to be a legal entity. The President and her followers “watch”” the homeowners who have not paid these unmandatory fees and take pictures most of the times when the homeowners are not at home and solicit them with findings of HOA misconducts such as lawn care

Tags: Home Owner Associations

Address: trash can removal

Website: the homeowner is one whose case was dismissed in court. Instead of revising the association

Phone: fence repairs. In some cases they that to travel through mud and overgrown shrubs to accomplish such. Sad. The President is a bully and her followers are cowards! I too heard the story of one neighbor who pointed a gun at the son of another neighbor as he waited for someone to come home. It was said that the parent filed a police report against the homeowner